What is Marketing Automation?

If you’re a marketer you have probably heard about marketing automation, but for most companies, this term is still mysterious and hard to understand.

Marketing Automation platforms like Smarter Tactics let companies generate more leads and sales and helps you better understand your marketing spend. Although Marketing Automation was once really expensive and complicated to implement, it is now relatively inexpensive and accessible to companies of all sizes. In fact, almost all companies could boost their revenues and profits with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation used to only be accessible to large companies because of price and the cost and complexity of implementation. Now small and mid-sized companies make up the fastest growing segment of Marketing Automation growth. Marketing automation is seeing huge growth because it allows companies to automate and simplify many of their marketing processes. The exciting fact is that high quality marketing automation is available at prices that most companies can now afford.

Here are some of the things you should expect from a Marketing Automation System:

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  • Identify visitors when they come to your website
  • Capture these visitors via forms and popups on your website
  • Score each of the leads so your sales people know where to best put their efforts and close more sales
  • Trigger notifications to sales when a lead visits a certain page on your site, when they open one of your emails and when they download content from your site
  • Automatically create lead lists so that you can customize your email messages to your prospects and clients
  • A great email client that allows you to easily customize and send out great looking emails without the need of any technical assistance
  • Filter these lead lists by interest and engagement levels
  • Measure which of your marketing campaigns online and offline are resulting in sales

Almost all businesses that adopt a marketing automation program experience an exponential return on investment. Here are a few of the features that help to increase leads, sales, and better marketing and sales ROI.