Get more qualified leads with Marketing Automation


By tracking your prospects through the entirety of the sales funnel, we can get the most out of your marketing dollar

Identify & Track Visitors

Using a combination of advanced capture codes, forms, and pop-ups, we can understand who is visiting your site and what has already caught their interest.

Target your prospects

Our system will obtain any information it can from your prospects, including their name, email, phone number, and the pages they’ve browsed on your site.

Score your Leads

Our innovative system ranks your leads based on their interest in your company, meaning that your sales team knows where to focus their best efforts.

Initiate automatic emails

By setting up a queue of communications, your sales force can automate their interactions and tailor them to appeal to their general prospects or a specific lead.

Alert your sales team

Set up notifications for your sales team when a lead visits a certain page, when they open up one of your emails, or when they download content from your site.

see immediate results

Automation software naturally increases the quality and volume of your leads without wasting your sales resources on time-consuming marketing processes.

Prove your ROI

Our platform makes it simple to identify which campaigns are working and which are not. By tracking closed deals, you can drive more leads with the same dollar.

Make the sale

By gaining a thorough understanding of each prospect and their needs through Marketing Automation, sales teams can save time and make more sales than ever.

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER -- Marketing Automation gives your company the power to track and nurture your leads automatically, freeing up your sales team to make record-breaking sales.

What does marketing automation do?

Essentially, it helps your organisation make sales faster and easier at every stage of the sales funnel
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Top of the funnel

Generate leads
At the top the funnel, Marketing Automation captures more leads by identifying anonymous visitors. Marketing automation also tracks campaigns whether online or off-line by utilizing Visitor ID and dynamic forms.
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Drive Sales
In the middle of funnel, the system uses lead scoring to alert salespeople of hot leads. The platform can track prospect behavior and provide your sales team with buyer needs and insights as well as notify the sales person when a prospect triggers an action like visiting the pricing page on your website.
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Bottom of the funnel

Measure ROI
At the bottom of the funnel, Marketing Automation can track a myriad of sales and marketing metrics and offers comprehensive analytics including exportable graphic reporting. This means that your sales team will better understand what it takes to close a deal.


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